10 Gospel Initiatives

Expansion of Student Ministry

With over 40,000 students in 7 high schools and 9 middle schools within a few miles of our church, we will strengthen our Student Ministry to offer separate ministries tailored to the needs of High School students, Junior High Students, and 6th Graders. This potentially includes:
  • New Student Ministry staff
  • Additional ministry budgets
  • Added programming


Ministry to Millennials

Millennials, those currently age 18-34, are the largest generation in our country and the fastest growing demographic in our city. They are also the most unchurched in the history of our nation. We will launch new ministry initiatives to reach Millennials with the Gospel potentially including:
  • New ministry staff
  • A Millennial-focused worship service
  • New groups


Spanish Ministry Expansion

We will break down language barriers to the gospel by launching a major expansion of our ministry to Spanish speakers. This would potentially include:
  • Spanish speaking ministry staff
  • A Spanish language worship service
  • Creating new Spanish speaking groups
  • ESL courses for our community


Reaching the Nations in Our City

With more than 145 languages spoken in Houston, the world has come to us! We live in the most ethnically diverse and international city in the country with the highest concentration of refugees. We will find ways to expand our mission efforts to reach these groups within our own city.



A New Wave of Life Groups for Adults

Connection to groups is at the core of our vision to be a disciple-making community. We have a five times greater chance to grow a person into a fully devoted follower of Jesus if we can connect them to a group. We want to see the gospel unleashed to transform every person into a disciple living their life for the purposes of God by radically expanding our Life Groups ministry to connect people to groups throughout Northwest Houston. This potentially includes:
  • Adding staff to our Adult Ministry area
  • Developing new leaders to launch and lead groups
  • Launching many new groups in neighborhoods all across Northwest Houston


Unleashing the Gospel Personally

We will only reach our community for Christ if every person takes on the task of reaching. Our goal is to equip every person in our faith family to be ready to share the gospel and develop a missional worldview.





Raising Up a New Generation of Leaders

The church needs men and women trained to lead the way with the gospel. We will invest in future ministry leaders through an Intern Residence Program that gives young leaders first-hand experience in a gospel-centered, disciple-making ministry.




Healing Hurts and Breaking Addictions

Broken relationships, addictions, and emotional needs keep people from being freed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. We want to see the gospel unleashed to free our community from the powerful effects of these strongholds by:
  • Launching a counseling ministry at Bear Creek
  • Expanding our support and recovery programs to bring help and discipleship to people who are hurting


Reaching the Hurting, the Helpless, and the Hopeless

The gospel calls on us to bring compassion to the most vulnerable and needy in our world…the orphan, the widow, the alien. Those who are cast aside and marginalized are close to the heart of God. We will unleash the gospel by bringing compassion, justice, and mercy into the lives of people in need so that we can share the good news of Jesus Christ.



Aggressively Reduce Debt

to maximize ministry resources