The Gospel, God's power for salvation to everyone who believes.

Romans 1:16

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a Gospel-centered, disciple-making community for all people. 
  • Reach all people because the Gospel unites us as a community of worshippers
  • Connect them to groups because the Gospel transforms us in community with others
  • Equip them for their mission and ministry because the Gospel calls us to live out our faith
  • Send them to engage the world because the Gospel compels us to bring compassion, justice, and salvation to all people

Over the next 3 years...

we will focus all our giving into a single UNLEASHED fund. Each year you and your family will be encouraged to commit and give to UNLEASHED, supporting current ministries and administrative costs, accelerating the rate of our debt reduction, and resourcing the expansion of new ministries for all people OVER THE NEXT 3 YEARS, TO UNLEASH THE GOSPEL.



In 2017...